Expertise Pulley Drives

“Knowing that every industry with its characteristics has got different requirements for systems and machines, we offer individual products. Whether strong torques, high speeds, particularly hygienic environments or for high loads: We will find a convenient solution for you! "

Manuel & David Tappeiner | BERGES management directors

Symmetrical pulleys up to 160 kW

0,25 - 160 kW

Asymmetrical pulleys up to 200 kW

0,25 - 200 kW

Assembly Units RGAE

Variable Speed Units

ATEX Variable Speed Units

Through competent consulting and proactive exchange of ideas, we will find a proper solution for your project. Whether from our series products or developed and designed together with you. Detailed product information and design drawings facilitate the integration of pulley technology into your machines and systems. Quick help in times of trouble is guaranteed by our express part delivery. For many applications, especially under the harshest environmental conditions, robust mechanics is often the better alternative to sensitive electronics in control technology. Depending on the area of use, either symmetrical or asymmetrical systems established themselves in the past. We will be pleased to provide you with a suitable system individually after getting familiar with your requirements. We will advise you within the area of competence respectively.

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